Black Hawk County Supervisor Chris Schwartz endorses Democratic Candidate for Governor John Norris

Black Hawk County Supervisor Chris Schwartz endorses Democratic Candidate for Governor John Norris

For Immediate Release

March 21, 2018 

Contact: Nora Walsh-DeVries

Des Moines, IA –Chris Schwartz, Black Hawk County Supervisor and State Director for Americans for Democratic Action Iowa, endorsed John Norris in his campaign for governor in the state of Iowa. In making the endorsement, Schwartz cited Norris’ wide-ranging experience fighting for progressive values at the local, state, and national level and his ability to mobilize voters from all backgrounds across the state.

"John Norris is my pick for Governor. In a crowded field of talented Democrats I am going with the candidate who knows how to win statewide because he’s done it before.” Said Schwartz.  “John knows that in order to succeed we have to end the urban and rural divide in our state. This happens by having conversations in places we’ve not had had them before. With John, Iowans will once again recognize the universality of our hopes and dreams like the opportunity that comes with a good and affordable education, the dignity you get from a good paying job, or the pride that comes from being stewards of our land and water. In John you have a community organizer, a policy expert, a political strategist, a musician, and a father. Iowa needs a rebirth and it is going to take a renaissance man like John to lead the way."

Chris Schwartz is a Black Hawk County Supervisor and is the State Director of Americans for Democratic Action Iowa. He has been a leading progressive voice in Eastern Iowa for nearly two decades and serves on the state, local, and national boards of a number of non-profits and progressive political organizations. He is one of only a small handful of openly LGBTQ elected officials serving in Iowa.

Supervisor Schwartz has been a steadfast advocate for progressive values and causes in Iowa and I am honored to have his support in my race for governor.” Norris said of the endorsement. “As a candidate for governor I will fight, as Chris has done, for the most vulnerable Iowans who have been left behind by the Reynold’s administration.