Brad Anderson: John Norris is my choice for governor

With less than seven months left until the Primary, Iowa Democrats are starting to narrow their choices in an impressive gubernatorial field.  What are we looking for in a candidate? Do we want a progressive?  A populist? Someone who can govern on day one?  Someone who can go toe-to-toe with Republicans in rural Iowa?  Someone who can inspire from the podium and match Governor Reynolds’ personal warmth and charm (yes, it’s OK to admit that) in a small room and one-on-one interactions?

I want it all, which is why I’m proudly supporting John Norris.  I’ve known John for more than a decade and he has impressed me every step of his career.  His masterful leadership of our state party in 1998, and John Kerry’s 2004 presidential caucus campaign, proves he has the political instincts to win - something we can’t afford to take for granted.  When it comes to politics and governing, whether you want to admit it or not, winning is everything.

John’s tenure as Governor Tom Vilsack’s Chief of Staff, and his leadership at the Iowa Utility Board and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proves he can manage a team, tackle incredibly complex issues and get Iowa out of the budget mess we will inherit from the current administration.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve watched John fire up Democrats from podiums, stages, and union halls across the state.  Never shying from his progressive populist roots, John always reminds us why we fight, and who we are fighting for.  We need this. The Democratic energy right now is palpable.  County party events are seeing record turnout, and Republicans are most afraid of us electing a gubernatorial nominee who can keep this fire burning until next November.  John can do it, which is why he needs to be our nominee.  

“This is the most important gubernatorial election in your lifetime,” is cliche, but not untrue.  With flat wages, a budget mess and a state health care crisis, we need someone who can make a positive case for dramatic change and simultaneously get our blood pumping. My head and heart tells me John is the right candidate at the right time, and I hope you help me get him across the finish line. Join me on team Norris here.

Thank you,

Brad Anderson