Former Minority Leader: I’m Endorsing John Norris

I was the Democratic Leader in the Iowa House from 1994-2000 and have known John Norris for many years.

John pledged to me, when he was elected Chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party in July of 1998, that replenishing the House Truman Fund – the organization that helps Democrats win state legislative House seats – would be one of his top priorities. I had discovered the Fund had been drained by his predecessor for Party operation expenses.

John made this very optimistic commitment to me in the middle of an election year when Tom Vilsack was way behind in the polls and the Party was deep in debt.

Sure enough, within one month John followed through with his promise.  He raised the money to refill the Truman Fund and then helped lead the Party to victory when Tom Vilsack won the governor’s office. At that time, John’s leadership, commitment and integrity struck me as extraordinary.

Now, John is vowing to clean up the mess that Reynolds and Branstad have created in our state. I am confident he will get the job done as I witnessed his work with Governor Vilsack in cleaning up the first Branstad mess. 

There are many reasons why I am supporting John, but knowing that he can be counted on when the going gets tough is chief among them. Please join me in supporting John Norris for Governor.



Dave Schrader

Former Leader, Iowa House Democrats