Norris for the People Statewide Steering Committee

John Norris, Democratic candidate for Governor of Iowa

Today, I am honored to introduce an extraordinary group of Democrats who have volunteered to serve on my Statewide “Norris for the People” Steering Committee.   Our Steering Committee members are there with you, in rural Iowa and our cities, to start the conversation now about what our state needs most from our next governor. 

I know as Iowans you will make up your own minds on who to support for governor – with your own set of criteria – so I want to hear from you and earn your support.  You like to kick the tires yourselves and I encourage you to reach directly out to me.  If you know anyone on my steering committee please speak with them, too.

I have been traveling the state over the past several months meeting, listening, and learning from Iowans.  Over the course of the next several months, I will be addressing the many issues we face in our state and I look forward to our dialogue.

I believe public education is the bedrock of opportunity and progress for Iowa.  We have great challenges such as the privatization of Medicaid which is punishing our most vulnerable citizens.  The lack of adequate care for people with mental illness is devastating families throughout our state. Conservation of our working lands must be prioritized and those who treat farming like an extraction industry must be stopped.  Finally, we must raise wages and end poverty in our state in order to build an economy for every Iowan.

These are some of the key issues I will tackle starting day one as your governor but we have to remember that caring for our neighbors and building a sense of community is also core to who we are.  It is time to bring Iowa values back to the governor’s office.

I am going to fight for every Iowan in every Iowa community.

That’s how I will campaign, and that’s how I will govern.  I want you to join me in this mission.



Norris For the People Statewide Steering Committee Members:

Aiddy Phomvisay

Alba Perez

Alicia Claypool

Andrew Wenthe, Mayor and Fmr. State Representative

Ann Klees

Ben Rogers, Supervisor, Linn County

Bill Hutchins, Fmr. Senate Majority Leader, Audubon

Bill Menner

Bill Sueppel

Bob McConnell

Bob Whittenburg, County Chair, Clay County

Brad Anderson

Brent Wynja

Brian Gentry

Brian Quirk, Fmr. State Representative, New Hampton

Cal Halliburton

Carissa Froyum

Connie Samsel

Curt Vaudt

Daryl Beall, Fmr. State Senator, Fort Dodge

Dave Leshtz

Dave Swenson

Dennis Harbaugh

Deo Koenigs, Fmr. State Representative, St. Ansgar

Dianne Pickle

Don Ruby

Donna Bauerly

Donna Clothier

Donna Winburn

Doug Bailey, Supervisor, Hamilton County

Dusky Terry

Emilene Leone

Frank LaMere, DNC Member

Greg Lewis

Heather Matson

Jackie Cordon

Jan Norris

Jane Abell

Jane Halliburton

Janine Grady

Jenny Jordan

Jess Vilsack

Jesse Harris

Jim Davis

Jim Jordan

Jim Kuhlman

Jo Oldson, State Representative, Des Moines

Joanne Walton

Joe Gorton, President, United Faculty UNI

John Lof

John Lundell, Mayor, Coralville

John Murphy, County Recorder, Dubuque

John Rowen

Karl Rhomberg

Kathryn Dickel

Kevin Techau

Kim Motl

Kirstin Sullivan

Linda Smoley

Linda Steensland

Lowell Junkins, Fmr. State Senator, Fort Madison

Marcia Nichols

Marcia Rogers

Mark Kuhn, Supervisor, Floyd County

Mark Powell

Marti Anderson, State Representative, Des Moines

Matt Russell

Matt Tapscott, County Chair, Winneshiek County

Mickey Carlson

Nancy Roed

Norm Sterzenbach, Fmr. Executive Director, Iowa Democratic Party

Pat Murray, Supervisor, Howard County

Pat Steinfort

Pat Sueppel

Pat Sullivan

Phil Specht

Ray Walton

Rick Mullin

Roger Thomas, Fmr. State Representative, Elkader

Sandra Smith

Sandy Glenn

Scott Slechta, 2016 Iowa Teacher of the Year

Sherry Williams

Stephanie Techau

Susie Olesen

Terry Kocher

Terry O’Brien

Tim Ennis

Tom Grau

Tom Hockensmith, Supervisor, Polk County

Willard Olesen