Today’s economic news was concerning

Governor Kim Reynolds enjoys Republican majorities in the state House and Senate.  Her Republican allies control the White House and both chambers of Congress.  There is no hiding from the pending disasters their policies will unleash on our economy.

In case you missed it Dave Roederer, Reynold’s budget director, and his Revenue Estimating Conference panel described their outlook for Iowa’s tax revenue today.  It wasn’t all rosy and here’s what they said:

Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson reported that Legislative Services Agency director Holly Lyons said “Iowa revenues […] are disappointing for the first five months of the fiscal year.” Other concerns for Iowa’s economy included federal tax reform and trade deals. 

Henderson also notes that panel member David Underwood said the farm sector is worrisome and that “just recently I’ve heard some of the bankers talking about farmers really in trouble now.”

The economic challenges our state is facing in 2018 are being exacerbated by Reynolds and Republican policies and priorities.  The tax scam Senate Republicans passed will disproportionately benefit the ultra-rich.  The White House is pursuing trade deals that will likely hurt the agriculture sector more than it helps.  Reynolds and Republicans are choosing to push these harmful policies.

YOU HAVE A CHOICE for Governor next year and I’m asking for your support.  Reynolds favors corporate interests and the rich while I’ll support the people and Iowa’s working class.  As your Governor I’ll work to reverse the damage Republican policies are having on our state.

Please help me in this fight – sign up for my emails and consider donating today.  Every dollar counts and will go towards countering the Reynolds messaging machine.