An Older Iowans Agenda

Today there are half a million Iowans providing unpaid caregiving services to Iowa’s increasingly older population. While that certainly demonstrates the overwhelming generosity of Iowans and our commitment to put family first, it also reveals a growing population who may not be able to participate in the economy as fully as they would want. The result is reduced personal income and diminished savings for the individual plus slower economic growth and persistent workforce shortages for the state.

Mike Wellman: Norris stands out in gubernatorial race

Mike Wellman, Des Moines 

Des Moines Register - Letter to the Editor

Published 2:15 p.m. CT Jan. 25, 2018

Imagine the campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination as a contest between seven applicants to a university. The admissions department must assess the candidates vying for a lone spot. They should be glad to have attracted such a highly qualified group, even though that makes the ultimate decision tougher. But upon close scrutiny, a clear choice emerges.