John Norris Weighing Run For Iowa Governor

As Democrats look to their developing gubernatorial primary field, one new name would bring an experience as close as you can get to being a former governor: John Norris. Tom Vilsack’s chief of staff for two years, few other Iowans have as long a resume in Iowa Democratic politics and governance than Norris. He’s been IDP chair, ran for Congress, managed John Kerry’s successful 2004 Iowa Caucus operation, worked for Tom Harkin and Vilsack, served as the commissioner of the Iowa Utilities Board and later on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and did a stint for the USDA in Rome.

Now he’s back in Iowa, a partner in the Des Moines consulting firm SPPG since last Fall, and is strongly considering a bid for governor.

“This is not becoming the state that I want to raise my kids in and have my future in,” Norris told Starting Line of what’s motivating his interest in running. “The direction that we’re headed is like Kansas. It’s frightening.”

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