Former Minority Leader: I’m Endorsing John Norris

I was the Democratic Leader in the Iowa House from 1994-2000 and have known John Norris for many years.

John pledged to me, when he was elected Chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party in July of 1998, that replenishing the House Truman Fund – the organization that helps Democrats win state legislative House seats – would be one of his top priorities. I had discovered the Fund had been drained by his predecessor for Party operation expenses.

Today’s economic news was concerning

Governor Kim Reynolds enjoys Republican majorities in the state House and Senate.  Her Republican allies control the White House and both chambers of Congress.  There is no hiding from the pending disasters their policies will unleash on our economy.

In case you missed it Dave Roederer, Reynold’s budget director, and his Revenue Estimating Conference panel described their outlook for Iowa’s tax revenue today.  It wasn’t all rosy and here’s what they said: