Norris Is a Voice For Rural Iowa

John and Jackie Norris plan a canoe trip with their children over the Memorial Day weekend to decide if he will run for Iowa governor. He told us twice. He pointed out how his son Sam, 11, caught a nice walleye keeper with a catfish to go with it from Storm Lake in an hour Saturday morning. And that the kid is smart.

He was sending a clear message:

As Paul Wellstone used to say, John Norris comes from the Democratic wing of the Democratic party.

He will make water quality an issue. He is leading with rural Iowa, education and renewable energy.

John Norris: Why he may run for governor and what he would bring to the table

With the exhausting battles of the 2017 legislative session behind us, Iowa Democrats can turn their attention to the most pressing task ahead. Next year’s gubernatorial election will likely determine whether Republicans retain unchecked power to impose their will on Iowans, or whether some balance returns to the statehouse.

A record number of Democrats may run for governor in 2018. Today Bleeding Heartland begins a series of in-depth looks at the possible contenders.