For Immediate Release
Norris Congratulates Community Leaders In Their Fight to Stop Factory Hog Lots in Clay and Wayne Counties
It’s great to see common sense and the people win!

Des Moines, IA—Iowa Select, the largest hog corporation in Iowa, announced this week that they are withdrawing their permit applications for facilities in Clay and Wayne counties.

Plans for the two large livestock operations were ended after community members organized to keep the operations out of their communities.

The following is a statement from John Norris, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Iowa.

It’s great to see common sense and the people win in Wayne and Clay Counties this week. Thanks to all those who worked so hard on this campaign. Organizing works! Every Iowan deserves to live in a state with clean water, but today our elected officials prefer tax breaks to protecting the environment. As Iowans, we have a love for the land, and we’ve always been a state that cares about our neighbors, but corporate farms don’t make good neighbors.

John Norris is a fifth-generation Iowan running for Governor. He was raised on the Montgomery County family farm his Great-great grandparents settled in 1881. Educated at Red Oak Community Schools, Simpson College and The University of Iowa College of Law, John benefited from having a strong family, a close-knit rural community, and a world-class Iowa education. Follow John on Twitter @JohnNorrisIA.